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Gone are the days when you had to go to great lengths of smoking and using honey to preserve your foods. And even these methods back then were limited to particular types of foods. Today, such methods are only used when families head out to remote areas camping. And even then, there are those families who carry with them some freezers and Foodsaver jar sealers to get the job done. These technologies, especially the Foodsaver jar sealers have numerous benefits that are not only restricted to increasing the period of time that you can preserve your food. They ensure that the food remains fresh for the period it will be stored and does not alter its taste in the least. The thing with these pieces of technology is that you have to know how to use them right for you to provide you with the optimal service. There are also some preparations that you have to go through before you can extend their shelf life in this way. The jar sealers are also by far the best method to preserve powdery ingredients that have a shorter time frame. It not only provide you with a means of storage but also makes their storage far simpler. So to get preserving, let out your jar sealer and learn how to do it like a pro.

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Sealing, savoring and storing your jars

To start out, put on your counter several empty and clean jars that you will make use of. And using a permanent marker, and a piece of white tape, label each jar with the food that you will be storing in it. This is very important especially when you are storing powdered foods of the same color. It is a very efficient method.

After, fill up the jars with the foods that you intend to preserve. Be sure however to leave an inch of space in each jar so that the foods do not get sucked up into the jar sealer. This space, again, is important when you are preserving powdered foods. Put the flat side of the lid on the jar and attach the jar sealer which will create the vacuum lock in the jar for the ingredients.

Foods that are best suited for the jars

Vegetables, fruits and meals are usually the best foods to preserve in the jars. As a matter of fact, most people preserve these foods that one might think they were only designed for them. they are however also perfect to store dry ingredients that are used to bake like baking powder, sugar, flour, soda, brown sugar, graham cracker crumbs and cornstarch. Other foods that are perfect for these products are such as beans, pasta, coffee grounds, cereal and nuts.

Dry foods are however not the only ones that can be stored in these jars. Jellies, jam as well as spreads can be sealed in the jars and then put in the pantry for storage. These is ideal if you are having large amounts of homemade jams if you are planning to use over the holidays. Do not forget to decorate the jars if you intend to repurpose them.


The above tips will have you using the foodsaver jar sealer in the best way to yield best results.

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