Top 5 Rated Vacuum Sealer Bags

While foodsavers have come as a much needed savior to the economy of the country, they require you to understand fully what you want before you can make any hasty purchases. Most users have been able to enjoy the fact that they can keep their foods fresh for longer and especially for the vegetables and this allows them to buy in bulk which is usually more cost effective.

While most people have taken keen interest in the foodsaver machines that they invest in which is really important, they forget that, for these machines to offer you the services that you are seeking, the foodsaver bags that you use are equally important. Just as important as it is to make sure that you use the right machine for the right job, it is just as important to make sure that you use the right vacuum sealer bag as well.

There is a misguided notion that you can simply walk into a store and pick a random vacuum sealer bag. While you might be able to seal and lengthen the life of your produce with such bags, you can rest assured that at some point something will go wrong. For instance the food might end up suffering from frost bite if the bag is too thin. Also, using improper bags will reduce the effectiveness of the machines as well. With that in mind, what are some of the best vacuum sealer bags that you can use? Here are the best 5 that you should really look into. They are definitely worth your money and offer unbeatable service and preservation for your food.

Vac-Fresh Roll 11If you are running a restaurant or an above average size of a family, then this would be an ideal vacuum sealer bag to use. It has plenty of features not to mention the fact that it is meant for heavy duty commercial use will provide your food with an extra layer of protection.


The most stand out feature of these Vac-fresh vacuum sealer bags is the fact that their design and mode of use is supported by a great deal of leading brand vacuum sealers which means that you do not have to worry about having to tuck them behind a closet because they do not apply to your particular make and model of the vacuum sealer.

They also feature a great 3.5 millimeter thick bag with cross venting that goes a long way in ensuring that most of the air is extracted out. As a result you have better chances of preserving your food for longer. This also helps to ensure that the machine is able to achieve even better results which in the long run ensure more economical benefits for you.

The bags are also fully capable of protecting your food from not only getting spoilt but also from freezer burn, prevent the food from developing an order and even better, they are also able to preserve your silver jewelry from tarnishing and losing its luster. Their application is not only limited to food.

They are listed as food safe materials which means preserving your food in them will not result in any contamination that might pose a health risk leading to illness. This is because they are made from materials that are non-BPA and those that are approved by the FDA.

It is also worth noting that these vacuum sealer bags will do well not only when it comes to packaging your food but also when put in the dishwasher, microwave and even when boiled or frozen. This makes the task of heating your food just as easy as preserving.


The directions on how to use these bags varies according to the vacuum sealer that you are using. With some of the units, you have to re-roll a bit but with others this is not really necessary. All you have to do is insert the roll into its chamber and the machine will do most of the lifting for you. They are especially great with machine that have roller cutters.


  • They are quite economical compared to buying individual sealer bags.
  • Have a strong build that is able to withstand most of the elements including freezing and boiling.
  • New technology ensures improved results.


  • It takes time to get around being able to get the sealing done properly.

2. Foodsaver 11” Roll.

Vacuum Sealer Bags for FoodFoodsaver is quite a dominant name in the food preservation industry especially when it comes to vacuum sealing machines. It is only fair that you would expect the most dominant name in vacuum sealing to have one of a kind vacuum sealing bags that are able to step up in their duties and deliver above expectations. They also come with their own set of features which have seen them make their way into the list.



It is always a great advantage if you can have vacuum sealer bags that are not too big that they give you a hard time when you’re packaging your food. These Foodsaver vacuum sealers come in sizes of about 11” by 16” rolls. They are the perfect size as they are not too big that they are a nuisance neither are they too small that to have to chop your food down.

Prevent freezer burn.

Even though the main goal of vacuum sealing is to prolong the life of food and protecting them from freezer burns, having a vacuum sealer bag that can improve the results is always welcome. On their part, these vacuum sealer bags come with a multi-ply material that goes a long way in preventing the food from suffering from freezer burns.

BPA free materials.

The materials that have been used in the Foodsaver 11” roll are all BPA free and are certified by the FDA. This means that your food is safe to consume without worrying about chemical contamination.

Easy to heat up.

While the vacuum sealer bags have been largely designed to protect their content from freezer burns, this particular ones go a step further and are microwave and simmer safe. This way you do not have to worry about having to remove your food from the bag in order to heat it. You can simply pull it from the freezer and shove it in a microwave.


Place either side of the roll in your sealing chamber. If the bag is curling at one end, place that end facing down. Press the seal button and wait until the sealing light on the sealer turns off. If your vacuum does not have a roll cutter, you can pre-cut your bag to the desired amount.


  • The bag offers quite a stable and firm seal that guarantees longer shelf life.
  • It comes at a fair price for the perfect product.
  • Easy simmering and microwaving options.


  • Sealing might take a little longer because of the strong build.

3. Weston 30-0101-W Vacuum sealer food bags.

Vacuum Sealer Bags for FoodWhile Weston may not have the same reputation that Foodsaver has been able to build over the years, they do pay a lot of attention to the quality of their products. This can be evidenced by this vacuum sealer food bags that come from their yard and is just one of the many signs that show their dedication to quality which is why they are considered among the best vacuum sealer bags.



To ensure that the bags are of the best quality, they have been subjected to numerous tests of quality and performance to ensure that they are able to offer the best service and deliver on the expectations of the user.


Other than being adversely tested for quality and performance, the bags have also been fully tasted for safety and health which makes them utterly safe not only for packing your food but also for having your food right out of the bag without any worries of contamination be it of chemicals or bacteria.

High quality build.

These food bags from Weston are made of 3-mil nylon with a layer of polythene mesh making them a high quality 2 ply strong vacuum sealer bag that will protect your food from freezer burns.

Microwave safe.

While most of the vacuum sealer bags are meant to withstand the chilling temperatures in the freezer, the Weston 30-0101-W vacuum sealer bags are also able to withstand boiling water which makes them not only ideal for preserving food but also for thawing.


As you would expect, these Weston vacuum sealer bags are best used with the Weston brand vacuum sealers. However, they can also be used with other external clamp vacuum sealers since they are already trimmed down to size. They are ideal for both solid and liquid rich foods.


  • The bags work great and only cost about half the price of other bags.
  • They have quite a sturdy build.
  • They seal easily and do not require you to take some extra time to get the seal right.
  • Are quite durable and work great with Foodsaver machines as well.


  • The bags are made in China. However, every effort is made to ensure that they meet the quality and health standard of the US hence the rigorous tests that they have to go through.

4. Seal-A-Meal 11 Inch Bags.

Vacuum Sealer Bags for FoodThere is not much that goes for the Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealer bags. In fact, one would be tempted to say that these only existed because the company also makes vacuum sealers and they needed bags to go with their machine. However, you would be severely misguided to make such a conclusion. While they may not have the double ply construction or other savvy features that some of the vacuum sealer bags possess, they are hardcore and quite strong which makes them a strong contender in the market and among the best you will come across.



These bags do not have any nylon mesh coat or anything of the sort. However, they are made out of heavy duty plastic which makes them very durable and a great force to reckon with even when put in the freezer.

Microwave use.

With such a hefty build, these vacuum sealers are able to not only with stand the cold temperatures in your freezer and protect your food from freezer burn, but you can also safely warm your food in the microwave right in the bag or even boil it without an concerns of the bag melting or anything of the sort.

Healthy and safe to use.

Even though the bag is hardcore and has a long shelf life, it is still quite safe and healthy to use and does not contain any artificial odors that would make your food questionable or taint it in any way. They give you the best of both worlds. Durability and safety.


Each company that is in the food preservation market always makes their vacuum sealer bags to work best with their vacuum sealers. The same case applies to these Seal-A-Meal bags. They have been tailor made to work best with their corresponding sealers from the same company. You first have to cut the size that you need from the roll and then seal both ends with your food in between.


  • They are quite sturdy and a perfect choice for those that are looking to make custom size bags.
  • They are very competently priced.
  • Even though they have been advertised as best used with Seal-A-Meal vacuum sealers, they work well with other options too.


  • They require you to be patient on sealing because of the heavy duty plastic.

5. Foodsaver 12 Gallon Sized Vacuum Zipper Bags.

Vacuum Sealer Bags for FoodThe uniqueness of this option from Foodsaver is the one that earns it a closing spot on the top 5 best vacuum sealer bags. Unlike most of the others, you will not need the conventional vacuum sealer while working with these bags and that is just one of the unique features that this bag offers to the users. It is a great asset to have even when you have any of the other four or when you are a fond user or an RV and happen to have a refrigerator inside.



As mentioned earlier, you will not need the conventional vacuum sealer. Instead, the bags come with an airtight zipper that ensures an airtight seal and hence you are able to prolong the life of your foods without having to invest too much.


The bags are built using a strong multi-ply material that allows the bag to withstand freezing. Additionally, the material used to make the bags is free of BPA and hence allows you to store even foods that do not need cooking before eating like snacks.


The Foodsaver 12 gallon sized vacuum zipper bags are quite the unique cut. They are quite easy to use and can be used to store a great variety of foods that range from your costly cuts, freshly caught fish, vegetables and even pastries like cookies.

All you have to do is place the bag on its side and place the food that you are looking to preserve in the bag. Use the double track zipper to close the bag shut then use a hand held vacuum sealer to extract all the air by placing it on the valve located on the bag.


  • The bags are reusable and reseal able which makes them quite economical especially for the items that you are looking to frequently preserve.
  • You can be able to preserve a great variety of foods in these bags.
  • They have specially designed channels that block the uptake of oxygen and maximize the removal of air.
  • They are relatively easy to use.
  • Very cost efficient.


  • The hand held vacuum sealer that works with these bags is sold separately.
  • They require some time to fully understand how to seal successfully.

For some reason, you may find these five options not doing the job for you. Luckily there is a multitude of other brands out there that you can use and each of them comes with something unique that you might find useful. However, knowing what to look for in a good vacuum sealer bag is critical as is choosing the vacuum sealer itself. If the sealer is going to get the job done the right way, then it will need an appropriate bag to follow.

Best Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide.

In case you are looking for something that is a little more unique, then this guide will ensure that you are able to pick the right bag without having to pay the consequence that come with being oblivious of what you should look for in bags.

Purpose of use.

Before you even go out and start weighing your options, you have to fully understand what you are hoping to use the vacuum sealer bags for. This helps in a great way. For instance if you are looking to save a lot of food, then you will need larger bags. Because of that consideration alone, you will not need to look at the smaller bags hence you save yourself time without compromising the results of what you’re really looking for.

Thickness of the bag.

After you know what or how you would like to use the bag, the next best thing that you should consider is the thickness of the bag. The thicker the better and this is supported by a variety of reasons. The first is that thicker bags hold the seal better and hence are able to keep the food fresher for longer and they are also more durable. It is always a good idea to get two or more bags and compare them to each other before you can pick one. Remember, having a thick bag increases the uses that you can put it into which can include boiling and microwaving.

Bag rolls or pre-sized bags.

Even though you might thing the pre-sized bags are better because they are less work since the cutting has been done for you, they are more costly especially if you are a frequent sealer. However, they might be a great option if you live alone and do not require the bags often.

If you are an avid sealer, then the bag rolls would be a better choice for you. This is because one, they allow you to make your own custom size bags and hence you reduce wastage and still get to preserve your food. They are also cheaper compared to their sized counterparts not only when it comes to the price but also when it comes to the amount you can use. Because of their popularity, the bag rolls also have a variety of features which makes them the ideal go to bags especially for the busy households.

Another great reason why the bag rolls are a great idea is because most machines are now coming fitted with roll cutters so once the machine unrolls the required amount you can cut it without having to remove the roll from the machine.

Branded or unbranded.

This might end up being one of the trickier decisions that you have to make. The branded options are the ones that come from companies like Foodsaver and Ziploc. Ideally, they are more expensive compared to their unbranded counterparts. Before you write them off based on price, you should know that companies that put their name on a bag have a reputation to safeguard. As such, they always make sure that their bags are of better quality. This way they give you a better experience and better results.

The unbranded types on the other hand might be less costly. However, the cheaper they are, the lower quality they tend to have. So, before you make the choice to go for an unbranded option, you need to make sure that you are well aware of the quality and its ability to deliver.

Size of the bag.

If you prefer not to use bag rolls for whatever reason, you need to carefully choose the size of the bag that you should buy to save yourself from constant disappointment. It would be a great ideal to buy different sizes in the event that you are not sure of the exact size that you would prefer or the kinds of food that you are storing are diverse.

How frequently you will open the bag.

Lastly, you need to consider how many times you will open the bag after you have sealed it. The reason for this is because, if you will cut the sealed part of the bag, cook whatever is inside then throw away the bag, then the bag rolls and normal size bags would be good but if you intent to seal the food again then that would be wasteful since you would need a number of bags.

If you want a bag that will allow you to open and then reseal, then the zip-lock options that use a hand held vacuum sealer would be the best option. With that in mind you would be able to reseal your food as many times as you please without worrying about being wasteful.

While a great deal of people pay a lot of attention to the vacuum sealers they buy, they tend to forget that the bags are just as crucial. No matter how good your vacuum sealer is, if your bags are not right, then you can rest assured that you are setting yourself up for failure. With the top 5 bags and what to look for when buying a vacuum sealer bag, this should never be a problem for you anymore.

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