Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Food Sealer


If you were honest to yourself, the answer to how much food you throw away as left overs as a family would be a lot. This as a result makes you spend a lot of unnecessary money on food that you will for the larger part throw out in your garbage can. Well, there is some good news. There is a way in which you can minimize the amount of food that you throw away on every meal and even save on food. Your savior comes in the form of a food sealer. These are handy pieces of appliances that help you to preserve food for longer period of times without the fear of it getting freezer burnt or going bad only after a few days. While this machine has come to the rescue, you will need to get the right one so that you can get the most out of it. For this, there are some questions that you will need to answer first before you make any purchase.

What types of food will you be sealing?

Whether you will be looking to seal wet goods or dry goods will determine the type, make and model of the best vacuum sealer that you choose. If you anticipate that you will be opening and closing the bags frequently, then you will want to go with a model that has zip-top bags rather than the heat sealing ones that are most common. In addition, if you are looking to do some sous vide cooking, you best get a model that will consistently get rid of the air in the bag to ensure thorough and even cooking.

How often will you be using it?

There are some large models that are highly durable and that can withstand a lot of vacuum sealing over a short as well as long period of time. However, if the machine is only to pack the leftovers after dinner, then a smaller sealer will suit you best. This goes for the sous vide cookers as well.

How much space do you have in your kitchen?

True, having a huge food sealer with lots of features may be captivating and very much appealing, but it can take up most of the space that you have on your kitchen counter and cabinets. You should therefore first determine how much room you have in your kitchen before you buy an appliance that will only take up too much of your space while a smaller version could have done the trick.

What is the overall cost of ownership?

If you are looking for a sous de cooker, you should know that there is no model in the market that comes inclusive of a vacuum sealer to help prepare the food and ease the whole process. You therefore will have to purchase a vacuum sealer before you do a sous vide cooking. Also, there are some models that provide you with jars and bags that can be rinsed and reused as many times as you see fit while there are those that do not and require you to buy a new bag each and every time you need to vacuum seal your food. Overtime the recurring cost of purchasing the plastic bags will add up thereby hiking the cost of ownership.


Answering these questions truthfully will have you choosing the best food sealer there is in the market and one that will serve and cater to your needs best.

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