How to use vacuum sealer ?

By Harriet / June 22, 2015

A Vacuum sealer has become a must have equipment in most households. This is primarily because of the incredible abilities afforded with respect to prolonging the shelf life of perishable foods. Thanks to these amazing gadgets it is now possible to buy food in bulk and keep it fresh for as long as possible. As such, households can now reduce the amount of food wasted due to poor storage mechanisms. Lots of vacuum sealers have been invented where every subsequent invention comes with better and more sophisticated features. Despite most vacuum sealers coming with manuals, some of us never really get to know how to use vacuum sealers. Recently, a friend of mine received vacuum sealer as a wedding gift but had to ask for help on how to use it as every time she vacuum sealed her food it would spoil. It got me thinking how most of us purchase this invaluable gadget without knowing how to use it. Here are a few tips to help you use a vacuum sealer.

Freeze after vacuum sealing

First, note that vacuum sealers are of two types- manual and automatic vacuum sealers.  The latter may not be as complicated as the manual one as it has an easy press and release option that gets the work done hands free. The renowned Foodsaver vacuum sealers for example provide various types of vacuum sealers both manual and automatic. Vacuum sealing does not prevent food from going bad hence you do not vacuum seal raw meat and leave it in the closet. It will spoil. Store it in a freezer and it will be fresh for a pretty long time.

Do not overfill sealer bags

Most folks are tempted to overfill sealer bags so as to accommodate lots of supplies. This should not be the case. It is ideal to leave 3-5 inches of clear space at the top of the bag especially if you want to reseal afterwards. Resealing helps you store supplies in bulk so that you use only what you need then seal the bag again. An extra 5 inches at the top of the bag for example, allows the user to reseal the bag five more times.

 Use the right sealer bags

Sometimes home owners use their own types of bags to save on the cost of buying sealer bags. They are oblivious of the fact that each vacuum sealer works with its own custom made bag. Therefore, making your own bag may not guarantee a good seal as you may find your food spoiled. As such it is important to use sealer bags that will optimally work with the model you have at home.

Freeze liquids and powders before vacuum sealing

Basically, vacuum sealers work by getting rid of air from the bag. This only means that liquids or crumbs can be sucked into the machine when sealing which may inhibit its functionality with time. To avoid this, all liquid based foods such as soups, meats and stews should be frozen before vacuum sealing. Powdery and fine grained foods on the other hand should be filtered. Some folks may use a simple paper towel or a coffee filter.

Clearly vacuum sealing has changed the way we store foods. Following such few tips will go a long way to storing to keeping your food fresh.

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