GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer Review

By Harriet / March 25, 2015
GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer
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Overall structure

The overall design of this vacuum sealer is very simple and easy to manage. It is of medium size and weight and can be placed easily on your kitchen counter. The  color of the exterior is Mossy Oak and brown having a camouflage design on the top. There is a complete controlling panel on the top and an easy to open lid with an easy lock latch and on the side of it. It also has a drip tray that is removable and can be washed easily.

It has a built-in roll container and a cutter to cut bags according to your needs.

Easy handling and operation

The sealer is very easy to handle. It comes with a simple to work design. You can just turn it on and place the food to be sealed in the bag and then use the sealing strips to seal it perfectly and quickly making a seamless seal within minutes.

It has customizable option for different kinds of food, that you need to seal.

Controlling options

You are provided with a complete over the functions including sealing only, vacuum seal and separate buttons for moist and dry food sealing tasks. There is also an accessory port to attach a hose for sealing purposes.

Sealing quality:

The sealing quality is of top grade due to the fact that the sealer has separate functions for moist and dry foods that help create seal with  appropriate vacuuming pressure.

Complimentary  items and attachments

This sealer comes along with two rolls and 10 pre-cut bags as a starter kit for the users. There is an accessory port that can be used to attach hose for canister sealing and large pantry bags.

Conclusively, it’s a stylish gaming meat sealer for those who need to enjoy the tasty meat even many days have lapsed. The sealer can help you save the freshness and taste of the fresh meat for about 5 times longer than simple freezing methods. Its an easy to handle and maintain vacuum sealer that would let you seal edibles to keep them ready to cook and use whenever you need.


GameSaver Bronze Vacuum Sealer

Summary: Gamesaver has always provided accessories and food saving kits that have proven their worth as a reliable food saver on the go. Gamesaver Bronze vacuum sealer is a Mossy Oak camouflage themed sealing gadget with a patented Break Up infinity design. The design depicts its importance to be a part of a gamer’s kitchen as well as people who have plenty of food to be packed in and vacuum sealed in a daily basis.

In addition to its classy gaming touch design, there are many features that make this vacuum sealer a perfect sealer to store fresh meat and keep it fresh about 5 times longer as compared to other methods.

Rated 4.5 stars

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