Cooking with Essential Oils

By Susan J Randall / December 22, 2015

Nobody can deny how useful of the essential oil for human beings as well as the living space. For example, it is able to heal some common sickness such as flu, cold, etc. and the wound as well. In addition, the essential oil saves your health from the bacteria air and offers the clear and good atmosphere. Even, it can make you feel comfortable and reduce stress after a hard working day. Thus, there are more and more manufacturers have carried out a lot of research to release many kinds of oil and the ways to help them bring into play all the effects. But, the easiest method that all of us can do is to use essential oils for cooking.

Cooking with Essential Oils

What is the essential oil?

This substance comes from many different parts of a plant such as the root, stem, leaves, flowers, so forth and so on. Each kind will offer the different taste for example the citrus oils are tangy while the cinnamon, clove or cumin,… gives the spicy taste. For more, the geranium and rose offer the floral scent. The essential oils has the high price because the producing process is rather hard but the amount is very tiny, just a few drops. Therefore, if you find an best essential oils providing source that offers the incredible prices, you need to think clearly to buy because the fake oils or the poor quality will not only waste your money but also cause harms on your health.

How many methods to make the oil bring into play all of its effects?

Usually, there are following methods:

  • Diffusion
  • Absorption directly on the skin
  • Cooking

The benefits of cooking essential oils

Benefits of Essential Oils

Many physicians as well as doctors have told that eating pure essential oil can help people avoid many serious diseases such as dementia and cancer in addition to provide more oxygen to the circulation, makes the user healthy. Besides, this method lets the oils compact directly on the body and health, not like many other ways. For example, like the diffuser, you need to spend an amount of money to buy the machine, make it work and wait till the thousands of essential oil molecules diffused from it and absorb through your skin and start all the functions, the same thing with aromatherapy.

Cooking with Essential Oils: Do and don’t

Even though there are many outstanding benefits of the essential oils using the cooking method, many people still wonder that whether or not eating them is safe absolutely. However, there is a rule of thumb that is nothing is perfect. Everything will have its good side and the contrast one. We cannot deny that cooking essential oil is good for health, but if you do not use them in the right way, of course it can do harm.

Because they are the most worthy substance in a plant, just a few drops can offer a strong effect on the human bodies. Therefore, before using any kind of oils in cooking, it is very essential to search or get enough knowledge about that one you intend to use. For example how much quantity is enough, or whether or not it cannot be used with any other substances, or does it have the toxic component.

Too much does not mean the best. You should consult the recipes from the reliable sources or from the doctors for more information to cook the best delicious and healthy dishes.

Almost essential oils which are very useful in independent use, but when combining with the other elements, it turns to harmful. For more details here, it is the table salt.

Another case is the oils containing the toxic components that cannot be eaten such as clove, cinnamon, tarragon oils, so forth and so on. But used by the diffusion or aromatherapy is still ok. The reason is that in these essential oils, there are special components which are myristicin and elemicin.


While cooking with Essential Oils, especially by cooking method, it is very important to get knowledge about it before doing because this way makes the direct effects on the body. Search for books that teach how to cook with essential oils is the best way to get the delicious and healthy meals.

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