Common Things that You Did not know that You Could Store in Your Food Saver Bags.

Food saver bags have become must have for many homes. However, the problem is that when it comes to the amount and types of food that you can be able to store using this bags is limited but this is only because most people do not know how they are meant to use the bags when storing foods. While you might be used to using your vacuum sealer bags to store vegetables and beef jerky, there is more that you can store in the bags which includes;

Coffee beans.

Once you have opened your fresh bag of coffee beans or grounds, you stand huge chances that the beans will lose their flavor to the surrounding and especially moisture. To ensure that you are able to take your coffee grounds and beans with the same richness in taste and nutritional value, vacuum seal bags can come in handy. This way you do not have to take your coffee in a rush with the worry that you will lose the flavor.

Pan cakes.

If you cooked a stack of pan cakes and suddenly the family did not have the appetite to finish them, there is no need for you to let them go to waste. All you have to do is seal them in food saver bags in batches of two. This way you will have breakfast all week and you get to save yourself the time in the kitchen for the rest of the week.


There is no need for you to spend on ice packs when you have all the items you need in your kitchen by using your vacuum seal bags, you can seal small batches of ice and just like that you have ice packs that you can use to keep the kids’ lunches cool or for relieving pain. You can also keep this in the fridge for future use.

Holiday decorations.

Food is not the only thing that can be stored in food saver bags. Instead of throwing your garland and other holiday decorations in a cardboard box. This would only expose your valuables to dust and dust mites making it hard for you to use them in the next occasion. By storing them in vacuum bags, you are able to ensure that you safeguard the integrity of the decorations.

Wedding cakes.

Are you looking forward to your anniversary and you do not want to have to rush out for your cake in the last minute? Food saver bagscan come in handy as well. All you need to do is to freeze the traditional cake for about two hours before you can seal it up to safeguard its quality. This will allow it to retain its freshness and save you the last minute hustles that come with having to go for your cake.

The number of things that you can seal and store in food saver bags are virtually limitless and include among others makeshift first aid kits, scrap books supplies and even your childhood green army men. Now you have even more reasons to invest in good vacuum seal bags as they could come in handy in a variety of different ways.

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