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By Harriet / August 17, 2015

With the escalating cost of things, it is important for one to make sure that they save as much as they can. One of the easiest ways to do this is through food. However, for the food not to go bad, you will need a reliable chamber vacuum sealer. This will allow you to buy food in bulk and store it without losing the nutritional value of your groceries or the freshness. On the other hand, you will also be able to stop throwing your leftovers away and once a week or more, you could save yourself the trouble of having to buy food. However, you need a great vacuum sealer to do this and these five will do a fine job at that.


Vacmaster VP210 Vacuum sealer

If you are looking for a chamber vacuum sealer that will not only make the work of sealing food easier but also maintenance easier, then this is a great pick for you. It not only has a plethora of features but is also easier to clean and maintain. Features. The Vacmaster VP210 features a dry and maintenance free machine pump. This makes it easier for you to make use of the machine without having to worry about cleaning the pump which for most people and especially first time buyers can be a problem. With its efficient and effective sealing, this chamber vacuum sealer is able to ensure that your foods are able to stay fresher for up to five times longer. Not only does this allow you to save more, it also allows you to do this without sacrificing the quality of food that you serve to your family. With this machine, one seal is not enough. Even though this can work quite well, it is important to leave nothing to chance. As such, the machine has a double seal feature that ensures all the freshness and nutritional value is locked in and the frost bite is locked outside. There are a variety of options that you can use the Vacmaster VP210. This is because the vacuum and the sealing methods are customizable allowing you to use the machine for a variety of sealing options. You do not have to throw away your chicken stock or soup. You can also seal liquids and other liquid rich foods just as efficiently as you would solid and semi-solid foods. Pros. You do not have to take time with the learning curve. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the manual and be a pro! The unit is quite neatly packaged and does not take a lot of space on the counter. And has a great build and quality that perfectly fits the price. Cons. The only downside that is worth noting with this vacuum sealer is the price that might not be ideal for those that are working on a budget since it is quite steep.


Vacmaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum sealer

Just like its cousin the VP210, the VP215 has quite the features and in some areas, it has been built to improve on where its predecessor faltered. It is a great chamber vacuum sealer to have and features a great deal of benefits for anyone that is lucky enough to make the choice to buy it. Some of the features it has to offer include;
It comes fitted with a ¼ HP rotary oil pump that allows you seal much bigger loads with the same ease and effectiveness that you would when sealing foods at a smaller scale. It makes it ideal for the busier households or those that have more members.
Despite the fact that it is a heavy duty machine, it is still easy enough for one to use efficiently and it if used properly, the VP 215 is capable of extending the shelf-life of foods by up to 5 times which is quite impressive to say the least.
It also comes with the double seal feature on each bag which ensures that the freshness remains locked inside and the seal is twice as strong compared to what the machines are able to achieve making it harder for your food to go bad.
For those that value silence and serenity, then this chamber vacuum sealer will fit right into their needs. It operates in a reliable and quiet manner so you do not have to worry about waking up the kids.
The VP 215 is also ideal in packaging foods that are liquid rich as well as liquids and stews.
The biggest benefit about the Vacmaster VP215 is that it is not only a perfect fit for your home but can also be used in businesses like restaurants and even in culinary institutions.
You can be able to handle a number of bags at a go without getting concerned that the machine is going to be too hot.
It has a compact and sleek design that is guaranteed to minimize the space it occupies on the counter and is quite easy on the eye.
The only problem that this one of a kind sealer seems to have but only to a limited number of them is the chemical smell that many think could be the pump oil. You might want to check to make sure that your particular unit does not have that odor before taking it off the shelf.


Vacmaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacmaster seems to be dominating the top 5 list and it is safe to say that this is rightfully the case. They happen to be among the more trusted names when it comes to vacuum sealer and the VP 112 is yet another reason why they are leading the race.
Some of the features that are prominent in the VP 112 include the ability to package a variety of foods that include soups, stews and even marinades. The conventional solid foods like meat are a breeze for this best chamber vacuum sealer.
It is also a great piece if you are an avid hunter or fisher and would like to make sure that your game meat is not only stored but it is scent free and does not turn your home into a stink hole.
The VP 112 uses a one of a kind technology for its sealing process that allows it to seal even liquids tight without having to worry about wasting your vacuum seal bags because of partial or failed seals.
If you are looking for a chamber vacuum sealer that is small, compact but a work-horse and is capable of delivering quality results all the time, then this is the best option for you.
Upon purchase, the sealer comes with about 30 bags of different sizes. This not only allows you to get started with your sealing once you get home, it also ensures that you save on having to buy some of the bags.
You can use the savvy machine in a restaurant or any other place that is averagely busy without any worries.
The lid of the VP112 is the greatest downside as it is quite fragile and tends to crack easily which makes the machine less effective unless the lid is replaced. You have to take extra care of the lid for this best chamber vacuum sealer to continue serving you well.


Vacmaster VP115 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Yet another one from Vacmaster with a great deal of benefits and features that make it a top pick for use not only in the home but also in different areas like a restaurant. It features a great deal of impressive features and specs that make it a must have for those that are looking to save on food as well as its quality.
One of the most notable features and perhaps one that is bound to attract a lot of buyers is the fact that the unit is maintenance free and is quite easy to use. Not only does this mean that you get more out of it, but you do not have to worry about tedious cleaning and removing of debris that could affect how the unit works.
It is also quite effective and guarantees the ability to keep your food fresh for up to five times longer compared to what its competitors can achieve.
It comes with a manual programming feature that allows you the flexibility of choosing the vacuum packaging options that you would like to use with the different foods that you have.
The design of the chamber also allows for packaging of different foods including liquids and foods that are rich in liquids like the stews.
The VP 115 is great not only for your packaging and storing needs but is particularly handy when it comes to Sous Vide applications.
It also capable of properly sealing a variety of bags that makes it easier for the user to choose the kinds of bags that they would like to use with their applications.
On the flipside, some users have usually complained about the failed sealing. Even though this might sound quite disastrous, all you have to do is reposition the seal and the unit will work like a charm.


Vacmaster DUO550 Suction and Chamber Vacuum sealer

It is the ultimate sealing machine and brings so much to the table that a buyer might actually get confused when they come across the DUO 550. It is not only fitted with a wide array of features that make it a must have, but it also has the design and offers the benefits to match. There is nothing not to love about this one of a kind sealer.
The most breath taking feature has to be the ability to choose between a suction vacuum sealer and a chamber vacuum sealer without having to replace your vacuum sealer all the time. The DUO 550 offers a perfect blend of both making it quite the catch.
With the suction features, the user can be able to seal longer bags while the chamber allows one to seal their liquids and soft foods.
It comes with a 12” seal bar that makes sealing even the widest bag a walk through the park and as if that does not make matters easy enough, it also comes with a heavy duty pump that allows the unit to be used continuously without the worry of overheating or suffering from malfunctions.
It comes with three different chambers that accommodate different sizes of bags and sealing needs which makes it quite versatile and applicable in many areas.
The price of the unit is quite a bargain given all the things that it can do and hence a wise move for anyone that is looking for a great piece that is not only functional but also gives you value for money.
Despite the fact that it is a merge of both vacuum sealing technologies, it has found a way to remain compact and quite conservative on space.
Even though the DUO 550 has plenty to offer, it does not come without its fair share of concerns. Among these is the fact that the multi-functionality makes it harder for the new users to operate the machine and hence might need to take some time to learn the machine and how to best use it.
Considering that the chamber part of the machine can do most of the heavy lifting, the suction part might come as burden in most instances since it might not be of much use.

It might not seem fair to have all the top 5 best chamber vacuum sealers are from Vacmaster. However, what would be even more unfair is to include other brands that do not meet the criteria and quality to make it into the list simply for the sake of retaining equality. Vacmaster has cemented its place at the top of the best chamber vacuum sealer and has dominated the category. With that said, it is also important to note that whether you are running a restaurant, a culinary institute or just your home and you would like to make some serious savings, then without a doubt the best chamber vacuum sealer would come in handy in helping with that cause.

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