Benefits of Humidifier in the winter

By Susan J Randall / September 14, 2015

Extremely cold and dry weather with too low levels of humidity in the air is a really big trouble that we have to cope up in the winter. As you can see, this type of weather can cause a lot of problems on our health from skin and respiratory irritations, poor quality sleeps, to illnesses caused by viruses existing in too dried air,…. Not only that, those threats are also even bigger to the children and babies when their bodies are not strong enough to protect themselves from threatened factors in the outside environment. However, you don’t need to worry too much about those things as a humidifier will give you a hand to deal with these common issues.

Benefits of humidifier for baby room

Top Benefits of Humidifier

During the winter days, the humidity level in your room is often around 10% that’s absolutely lower than the normal level by 20 – 30%, leading many changes and problems as I mentioned above in our lives. And in order to solve that, a lot of people have decided to have a humidifier in the room. In fact, until this point of time, this choice seems to be really ideal for us, especially for babies, as bringing out so many good benefits, including:

Moisturizing skin

  • In cold days of the winter, it’s really dry, but, the indoor humidity levels are even much lower as your heating system is operated, making lips and body’s skin of every one in your family dry, itchy and tight. With a vaporizer, your family members can be worry-free from irritated symptoms on skin’s surface as it adds sufficiently moisture into the indoor air, by that way, giving you beautiful and strong skin.
  • Notably, this machine may be more important and necessary if your family has babies. We all know that babies’ skins are so sensitive, especially to dry weather that is likely to lead to common conditions like chapped lips, itchiness, red patches, etc. That’s why we need to ensure a natural humidity level in the nursery by using a vaporizer.

Prevent illnesses and help sleep better

The serious lack of moisture in the room also results some symptoms of illnesses for both children and adults, especially young children, as well as causes poor quality sleeps.

  • Humidity in the air is a key element, helping your nose’s tiny hairs move and filter out viruses and bacteria so as to protect your body from catching flu, colds and other illnesses. Moreover, a humidifier also has the ability of limiting or removing bacteria and viruses that exist in too little moisture conditions.
  • Additionally, moisturized air also help you and other family members be free from breathing irritations such as sore throat, nosebleed, nose discomforts, and so on, which are derived from too low humidity.
  • Furthermore, those breathing passages symptoms certainly worsen the quality of your sleeps that might lead to losing sleep. But, with a humidifier, you will have better sleeps during the whole winter for sure.
  • For the babies, those are clearly more vulnerable to congestion than adults, this kind of machine plays important role in protecting their susceptible bodies from respiratory irritations and other symptoms of illnesses. Together with that, white noise made by humidifiers can also be able to lull the baby, helping him or her fall asleep easier and have good sleeps as well.

Soothing illnesses

  • It’s hard to avoid getting colds, flu, fever, sore throat, etc, during very cold weather of the winter. Fortunately, it’s not really a serious matter anymore because moisturized air created by a vaporizer can help you relieve and ease irritated signs of illnesses which results because of very dry and low temperature outdoor. Besides, it also contributes to speed up curing process for those with sinuses, allergies, and symptoms in the bronchial tubes, throat, eyes, …
  • Similar to the adults, treating benefits of humidifier are also effective in children and babies as helping them breathe easier and comfortably when getting flu or fever and symptoms of breathing illnesses.

Here are 3 best benefits of humidifier in the winter that we want to make clear to you in this writing. Besides, not only does this machine benefit people’s health, especially the baby, it also helps maintain furnishings in good condition, reduce snoring, lessen static electricity, and create warmth into the room, etc, during too dry and cold days of the winter.

All of those reasons are really good enough for us to add a humidifier into the house for the next winter, aren’t they??? For me, it does, and i already took action to contact my friend, Susan from to help me find out what is the best humidifier for my family. How about you, my friend?

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